We are now a distributor of Topcon Positioning products

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We are now a distributor of Topcon Positioning products. Like us, the company is dedicated to finding new ways to help their customers work smarter and faster.

They manufacture a broad range of innovative precision positioning equipment and solutions to grow and improve an array of markets including construction, mining, agriculture and civil engineering.

Explore their full range of products on their website and remember you can now purchase any of their products through us. For more information please call 03301234441 or fill out the enquiry form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

3D Construction Solutions

The Topcon 3D Machine Control platform has been designed to provide unmatched control capabilities, and acts as a productivity tool by simplifying construction processes and giving operators the opportunity to reduce waste and improve safety.

The 3D Machine Control products work in harmony with a variety of Komatsu machine types and sizes.


Move the correct amount of material to precisely designated areas, and increase safety on site – graphical mass haul planning software manages materials from the beginning, saving time and increases profit margins. When paired with automated haul truck systems that control loads and dumps, you achieve a “virtual eye” of visibility at every project. Hit the right depth every time, even when digging “in the blind” on deep trenching or underwater jobs.

Komatsu Excavator with Topcon Positioning equipment

Rough Grading

Control your machines and material from start to finish with end-to-end solutions that increase your speed, productivity, and efficiency. Topcon Positioning technology helps you accomplish rough grading projects like excavating trenches, dozing landfills, or hauling materials off site with more ease and greater profitability.

Fine Grading

Install Topcon Positioning solutions to move more material in fewer passes at higher speeds, and confidently grade to even the most complex designs. Their automatic grade control systems cut to final grade quickly and accurately. They also help you position base material and place final aggregate with reliable, intuitive operations that keep job site tolerances in mind.


Stay in total control on each phase of your project. Topcon Positioning products are interchangeable and offer unique control and communication methods for various types of machines. From milling to asphalt and concrete paving to final compaction passes, we’ve got you covered. Building on our previous solutions gives you premier grade automation for asphalt and concrete pavers along with milling machines.

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