Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd

Founded in 1972, Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd is the sole distributor for Komatsu Construction and Mining equipment in the United Kingdom.

Komatsu is the second largest manufacturer of Construction and Utility equipment in the world. Reliability, ecology and quality are all synonymous with the Komatsu brand.

By approaching the market with a total machine lifecycle philosophy, we aim to both meet our customers’ needs and lower the total cost of machine ownership. With the ability to offer flexible solutions throughout the life of a machine, we provide our customers with total peace of mind.

It starts with the purchase of a machine with Marubeni-Komatsu Finance, our own in-house finance team, who help to provide a range of flexible solutions to meet individual customer needs.

Once the machine has been delivered; KOMTRAX*, Komatsu’s satellite monitoring system, provides invaluable data on the location and operational conditions of the machine. KOMTRAX in conjunction with a service contract, helps to maintain from day one. Scheduling preventative maintenance and using genuine Komatsu parts will reduce overall machine downtime and repair costs.

When the time comes to sell your machine, Komtrax and your service agreement provides you with full service history that significantly increases your residual value. The used machine is then put through our dealer qualified process and resold with a Komatsu-approved warranty.

*Komtrax is fitted as standard on most Komatsu machines.

“Welcome to Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Group – a leading global conglomerate. We are the sole distributor of Komatsu construction and mining equipment in the UK.

For nearly 50 years, Marubeni-Komatsu has continually led the industry by introducing cutting edge Komatsu technology products backed up with quality services to support our customers in the field.

We are committed to focusing on your business and operational needs. Helping you towards your sustainable growth and reducing your Total Cost of Ownership. Our continued efforts and investment ensure you a high standard and a wide range of flexible service and funding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As the world is changing so quickly, we change with it to meet the new demands in the market. On behalf of us all here at Marubeni-Komatsu, we look forward to meeting you.”

Kaz Kondo
Chairman and CEO
Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd