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Komatsu simulators: a realistic training experience

Komatsu simulators offer a range of training experiences on different machine types – make sure your operators are ready to use the machines in real life scenarios before they get behind the controls. Covering Wheeled and Crawler Excavators, Wheel Loaders and Rigid Dump Trucks – the simulators are available in two different models – the KCS 600 (with single or triple screen options) and the KCS 60 portable version.

KCS 600 – the complete choice

KCS600 Simulator

The 600 model is available in two options – with a single screen or with a larger triple screen assembly for visualization. All simulators are equipped with a high performing motion base which adds authenticity to the operations. All simulators can also be equipped with an overview screen showing an external view of the operation.

KCS 60 – the portable choice

Simulator KCS60

The 60 model is the portable option for those seeking an authentic Komatsu construction equipment simulator. Not compromising with functionality, the 60 model is built to be an option for those who wish to have a system which can be packed up and moved between multiple locations without any hassle.

The perfect tool for operator training

Komatsu construction equipment simulators are highly flexible and feature multiple models, which can all be fitted into the same basic system. Training programs were developed together with Komatsu certified master trainers and include everything from introductory machine training and full machine features to scenarios focusing on best practices and safety training for critical situations on the jobsite.

Benefits at a glance

• Safe and authentic training environment
• Enhanced operator productivity
• Refresh safe and reliable operations
• Realistic hands-on experience
• High performing motion system
• Average of 15 training scenarios and 50 potential operator errors
• Adaptable weather conditions and day/night vision
• Environmentally friendly
• Track and review operators’ performance
• Real-time feedback
• User management and reports
• Modular system, with multiple screen options
• Available in multiple languages
• Full manufacturer support and updates