The new K100 boom change system allows the operator of both PC390HRD-11 and PC490HRD-11 machines to change the boom configuration without leaving the operator cab – without any outside assistance – within minutes!

The system is fully compliant with ISO safety regulations and features a graphical Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel, with an integral safety control system.


Demolition contractors can easily access the full potential of the PC390HRD-11 and PC490HRD-11 machines through the K100 Boom Change System.  With a total of six different working configurations, from the awesome 32m (PC490) / 25m (PC390) extended high reach through the powerful 28m (PC490) / 23m (PC390) high reach (to the mighty medium reach and digging equipment), the operator can bring the correct power to bear at every stage of the project.

Patented K100 technology allows the digging boom to be mounted in either cranked or straight configuration, reducing the number of equipment pieces required.


The K100 boom change system helps the contractor to reduce the project time and minimise costs by easily configuring the machine to deal with the heavier parts of the structure or to clear up the demolition arisings, then swiftly return to high reach or extended high reach working in minutes.

Used to the fullest potential, a PC390HRD and/or PC490HRD-11 machine with the K100 boom change system could even eliminate the need for a supporting site clearance machine.