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Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance provides customers with a simple and accessible 3D GNSS system and dynamic payload metering. This aligns with Komatsu’s continuous commitment to provide customers with intuitive technological solutions that improve safety, enhance productivity and efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions in construction operations.

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Boost productivity with 3D GNSS system and payload meter on crawler and wheeled excavators.

3D machine guidance uses technology, such as sensors, GPS and computers to improve digging accuracy. It works by comparing where the bucket is in the real world to a 3D digital model, essentially giving operators a virtual guide to assist them in their work.

The Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance (SC 3D-MG) kit is a cost effective way to get your fleet equipped with machine guidance. Suitable for any excavator between 13 and 120 tons, data can be visualised and analysed simply through a bespoke suite of software. SC 3D-MG will get you up and running quickly to experience the benefits of Machine Guidance – enabling data-driven decision making for your projects.

3D machine guidance benefits:

– Accurately construct to design
– Eliminate repetition and re-work
– Minimise the need for in-field survey
– Increase jobsite safety with safety zone
– Save fuel and reduce carbon emission
– New designs can be implemented immediately
– Acquire as-constructed terrain data
– Simple set-up

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Flexible hardware with different machine set up and jobsite needs.

Developed by Komatsu for Smart Construction to the same strict standards as their yellow machines, the 3D Machine Guidance Kit hardware components provide customers with guaranteed reliable quality and performance. More than 6200 units worldwide are sold and fitted on machines of different types, configurations and brands. Besides being adaptive to different weight classes, the 3D Machine Guidance kit can also be combined with various optional kits, so that it matches your machine’s configuration and work conditions more effectively:

– Tilt bucket and couplers kit
– Two-piece boom kit
– Super long front kit
– SATEL radio kit

SC payload

Payload Meter: Hit loading target with every bucket.

For Komatsu machines, the 3D Machine Guidance Kit comes with an option of integrated Payload Meter that allows for on-the-go weighing of soil. Create alert to avoid overloading. Measure the weight of soil loaded in the bucket or in the truck for maximum productivity.

– Overloading alert
– Easy and fast calibration
– Use payload by itself or combined with 3D machine guidance
– Truck and payload history
– Display truck list

Combining payload with Smart Construction Fleet, you are able to receive daily payload reports automatically. This allows you to precisely track load counts and volume moved, gain insight into your productivity and reduce idling times.

File conversion – Compatible with all major file formats.

The Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit works with all the major file formats, such as Land XML files, Topcon and Trimble formats. You can use it alongside your other machine guidance systems without the need to convert any files – a perfect fit for your entire digital fleet.

SC 3D MG file types
SC Safety Zone

Safety zone feature.

Improve safety and productivity by creating or importing avoidance zones. This feature sends alerts to operators if they are near obstructions like powerlines, underground utilities, walkways, or public roads.

2D and 3D Guidance Mode.

Working underground or beneath powerlines? The 2D mode is an excellent alternative. It provides real-time information on the bucket’s position relative to the desired depth or slope levels. Complex infrastructure project? 3D mode has got you covered.

Support Network.

With every kit, customers have access to a team of local experts specialized in intelligent Machine Control (iMC) and 3DMG that are trained by both Komatsu and Smart Construction – making sure your digital fleet is always running smoothly.

Want more info or to discuss your next steps? Email us today or find your local Sales Manager here.