Komatsu HB365LC-3 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator

The new HB365LC-3 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator features an EU Stage V engine and ultra-low noise levels, and it further reinforces Komatsu’s strong commitment towards a substantial reduction of the environmental impact of earthmoving machines. In Komatsu’s unique hybrid system, the electric swing motor-generator captures and regenerates energy as the upper structure slows down and converts it into electric energy. The regenerated energy is stored in the ultra-capacitor and used by the generator-motor to assist the engine when it needs to accelerate. Thus, the hybrid system reduces fuel consumption significantly.

Compared to a standard PC350LC-8 excavator, the HB365LC-3 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator is designed to provide 30% fuel savings to customers. KOMTRAX™ data from HB365LC-3 machines working in Japan since February 2016 show that Komatsu has reached this target.

Engine Power: 202 kW / 271 HP @ 1,950 rpm
Operating Weight: 36,400 – 37,350 kg
Bucket Capacity: max. 2.66 m³

• Proven technology
• Reliable and durable hybrid system components
• Electric swing to capture and regenerate energy
• Massive reduction in fuel consumption & CO2 emissions
• Low consumption EU Stage V engine
• Up to 53 kW extra electric power
• Adjustable Eco-gauge and auto idle stop
• Ultra-low noise levels
• Fully air-suspended operator station
• Widescreen monitor
• Komatsu SpaceCab™
• Improved camera system
• Neutral position detection system
• Komatsu-quality components
• Maintenance free Hybrid components with a 5 years /10.000 hrs warranty

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Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a tracking program exclusive to Komatsu, which show your machine’s productivity, location and health.