Komatsu PC1250-11 Excavator

• Komatsu’s new U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulations-compliant engine
• Fuel consumption reduced up to 7% (Comparison of PC1250-11 P mode and PC1250-8 P mode)
• Further promotion of cleanliness and economy
• Auto idle stop function

• Productivity increased up to 8% (Comparison of PC1250-11 P+ mode and PC1250-8 P mode)
• Large digging force
• Enhanced efficiency due to powerful and smooth work
• Highly durable and reliable Komatsu designed components

• Operator’s cab OPG level 2 (ISO 10262)
• Lock lever auto lock function
• Rear and side view monitor system
• Meticulous safety accessories throughout
• Hydraulically operated stairway
• Emergency stop switch

• Comfortable working environment

• Machine monitor with evolutionary interface
• High resolution, easy-to-use color monitor provides powerful support for energy saving operation
• Operator identity function provides improved machine management and production records
• KomVision

• New maintenance features provided throughout the machine help reduce inspection time, maintenance work and also machine downtime
• Various kinds of maintenance information are displaced clearly on the monitor screen

• Increased operational data and fuel savings

Enquiries Finance
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Marubeni-Komatsu Finance offers a range of financial options designed to assist you with your purchase so you can enjoy the benefits of a new Komatsu machine.


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