Komatsu PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

The PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator is quick and precise. It features a powerful Komatsu EU Stage IV engine, Komatsu’s Closed Centre Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system and first-class Komatsu comfort to provide a fast response and unrivalled productivity for its class (up to 6% higher compared with the previous model). With increased productivity and environmental performance, the Komatsu PC170LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator does much more than simply meet EU Stage IV emission regulations: it offers significant advances in fuel consumption, provides 3G communications, improves operator comfort and includes new safety features.

Engine power: 90 kW / 121 HP @ 2,100 rpm
Operating weight: 17,900 – 19,100 kg
max. bucket capacity: 0.94 m³

• EU Stage IV engine
• Adjustable idle shutdown
• Komatsu fuel-saving technology
• Engine fan clutch
• Reduced wastage
• Fully air-suspended operator station
• KomVision surround bird eye view (option)
• Widescreen monitor with evolutionary interface
• Low noise levels
• Improved operator convenience
• Built-in versatility and superior productivity
• Enhanced engine management
• Lower hydraulic pressure loss
• Komatsu SpaceCab™
• Improved monitoring system
• Neutral position detection system
• Safe access, easy maintenance
• Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) optional
• Komatsu-quality components
• Extensive dealer support network
• Reliable and efficient

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Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a tracking program exclusive to Komatsu, which show your machine’s productivity, location and health.