Komatsu PC490HRD-11 High Reach Demolition Excavator

The PC490HRD‐11 is part of Komatsu’s range of heavy‐duty demolition excavators. It brings “best in class” working height to the 60‐tonne machine sector and can be configured in six different working arrangements. It carries a 2.0 tonne demolition tool up to a height of 32 metres, a 3.34 tonne tool up to 28m and it can work with a 5‐tonne demolition tool up to 17.4 metres. This new machine will allow operators to work through the widest possible range with optimal control and safety.

Designed and developed, incorporating customer feedback, by Komatsu UK (KUK), it is also manufactured in this Komatsu Europe plant located near Newcastle, in the North East of England. The whole machine works as a single complete system, with smooth and convenient operating, high precision, great stability and first‐class comfort.

Powerful Engine ‐ 270 kW / 362 HP @ 1.900 rpm
Operating Weight ‐ 55.200 ‐ 73.400 kg
Best in class 32m Extended High Reach configuration, with 2.000kg attachment.
3.350kg attachment in 28m high reach arrangement.
5.000kg attachment in 17.4m Medium Reach (2 position) configuration.

  • EU Stage V emissions compliant
  • New working Range Indicator system
  • 360o working range ‐ Calibrated working range indicator shows safe working zones.
  • Mechanically adjustable undercarriage – Minimum transport width, low transport weight.
  • KomVision surround view system
  • LED working lamps
  • Tilting cab control on wrist controller
  • Flick wipe function on wrist controller
  • Parallel link windscreen wiper
  • New work equipment stands
  • Lifting eyes positioned for easy movement of work equipment sections.
  • Quick coupler piping for all sections of front equipment
  • Arm end camera option
  • Neutral Detection System

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Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a tracking program exclusive to Komatsu, which show your machine’s productivity, location and health.