Komatsu PC950LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

The Komatsu PC950LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator excavators set new worldwide standards for quarry & mining equipment and has multiple improvements over the previous PC800LC-8 model.

Economic and Environmental
Significantly increased productivity: The PC950-11 offers 3 selectable modes that are easily matched to the application; Economy mode, Power mode, and an all-new Power Plus mode that harnesses maximum power from the new Komatsu 405kW EU Stage V compliant engine. Reduced cycle times coupled with large capacity buckets boost productivity by up to 48% compared to PC800-8.
Improved fuel efficiency: fuel efficiency is improved by 40% versus PC800-8. This is achieved by installing a new engine; adopting a new independent slew system; new hydraulic system using electronic spool control; and optimisation of the hydraulic system.

Highly durable fabrications and undercarriage components: Upper structure, boom, arm, and undercarriage components are designed and developed to accommodate the power, productivity, and bucket capacity increases of the PC950-11; ensuring strength, durability, and up-time in even the most extreme applications.

Maintenance and Safety
Wide illuminated maintenance walkway: Maintenance points are centrally located. A wide walkway, located in front of the engine, provides easy access for maintenance. The side doors are larger for easy access to auxiliary equipment, and standard catwalks, right and left had side, make for easy safe access.
3-point right hand side machine access and egress: 3-point access is provided at the right-hand side for easy, safe access to the upper structure.

Engine Power: 405 kW / 4543HP
Operating Weight: PC950-11: 95,000kg, PC950LC-11: 97,800kg
Bucket Capacity: max. 6.5m³

• New engine
• New hydraulic system
• New heavy duty work equipment
• New heavy duty undercarriage
• New heavy duty upper structure

Powerful and environmentally friendly
• EU Stage V engine
• Adjustable idle shutdown
• Komatsu fuel-saving technology

Maximised efficiency
• New hydraulics
• New P+ Mode
• + 48% productivity *
• + 40% efficiency *
• 6.5 m³ bucket **
• Increased swing torque
• Increase breakout forces
* vs. PC800/LC-8
** based on 90% fill factor

First-class comfort
• Fully air-suspended operator station
• Low-noise design
• Widescreen monitor

Safety first
• Komatsu SpaceCab™
• KomVision surround view system
• Neutral position detection system
• Walkways both sides of machine
• Central maintenance area with catwalk access
• Three point right-hand side access
• LED lighting standard

Quality you can rely on
• Komatsu-quality components
• Extensive dealer support network

• Komatsu Wireless Monitoring System
• 4G mobile communications
• Integrated communication antenna
• Increased operational data and reports
• Same functions as a medium size excavator

Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a machine monitoring and tracking system exclusive to Komatsu. 24 hour access to reports to show your machine’s productivity, location and health.

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