Komatsu JRSG Sorting Grapples

The new grapple range meets the customer’s needs and the highest safety standards, with all grapples coming as standard with a load control valve included. The main areas of focus were on low maintenance cost and a long lifetime of the attachments. This was achieved using oversized pins and bushings, a robust double-walled main frame and perforated Hardox shells.

• Integrated mechanical end stops to protect the cylinder.
• Perforated Hardox shells as standard.
• Reversible Hardox 500 cutting edges with recessed bolts and nuts.
• Integrated load control valve.
• Double-walled, closed high strength frame.
• Oversized pins and bushings.
• Oversized slewing ring with internally mounted hydraulic motor(s).
• From the JRSG290-1 up, all models are equipped with dual rotation motors.

JRSG45-1: PC30-45

JRSG80-1: PC55-88, PW98, WB93-97

JRSG120-1: PC138, PW148-158

JRSG160-1: PC170, PW148-180

JRSG210-1: PC170-228, PW158-198, HB215

JRSG290-1: PC210-290, HB215

JRSG360-1: PC290-360, HB365

JRSG490-1: PC360-490, HB365

JRSG550-1: PC490

JRSG600-1: PC490-700

JRSG45-1: 210

JRSG80-1: 435

JRSG120-1: 900

JRSG160-1: 1015

JRSG210-1: 1350

JRSG290-1: 1600

JRSG360-1: 2200

JRSG490-1: 2350

JRSG550-1: 3300

JRSG600-1: 3950

(Weight excluding bracket and hoses, in kg)

JRSG45-1: 100

JRSG80-1: 140

JRSG120-1: 325

JRSG160-1: 400

JRSG210-1: 530

JRSG290-1: 640

JRSG360-1: 900

JRSG490-1: 1100

JRSG550-1: 1300

JRSG600-1: 1500

(Volume in litres)

JRSG45-1: 12

JRSG80-1: 26

JRSG120-1: 41

JRSG160-1: 41

JRSG210-1: 53

JRSG290-1: 61

JRSG360-1: 70

JRSG490-1: 80

JRSG550-1: 100

JRSG600-1: 115

(Closing force at 320 bar, in kN)

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