Komatsu WA270-8 Wheel Loader

The Komatsu WA270-8 Wheel Loader is an all-around utility performer for almost any worksite, with an attachment-friendly quick coupler, an EU Stage IV engine and up to 3 % lower fuel consumption. Built on the recognized benefits of its predecessor, the WA270-8 Wheel Loader offers customers an outstanding combination of stability, breakout power and tractive effort. Its parallel-lift linkage, with auto tilt-in to simulate a Z-bar, can be used in virtually any application from pallet handling to hard digging.

Engine Power: 115kW / 153 HP @ 2,000 rpm

Bucket Capacity: 2.0 – 2.5m³

Operating Weight: 12,880 – 13,330kg

• EU Stage IV engine
• Highly efficient hydrostatic drive line
• High efficiency buckets
• Komatsu SmartLoader Logic
• Eco-gauge & adjustable idle shutdown
• New, air-suspended operator seat with integrated multifunction lever console
• Low-noise design
• Rear-view camera system
• Finger joystick steering system (option)
• Large multifunctional monitor
• Combines advantages of Z-bar linkage with parallel lift
• Fast pallet handling
• Excellent break-out force and easy bucket fill
• High tilt forces give perfect control of heavy attachments
• Auto bucket tilt-in avoids material spillage when lifting
• Instant response for fast loading cycles
• Easy control in confined areas
• Advanced traction control system for best traction and minimized tyre wear (K-TCS)
• Top speed selection for increased safety
• Wide core radiator with auto reversible fan speeds up cleaning
• Factory fitted automatic lubrication system
• Large gull-wing doors for easy access to service points

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Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a tracking program exclusive to Komatsu, which show your machine’s productivity, location and health.