Komatsu WA380-8 Wheel loader

The WA380-8 wheel loader has increased fuel efficiency and environmental performance and can be used for a wide range of applications: on construction sites, in the recycling industry or for agricultural jobs, with the hydraulic quick-coupler and a wide range of attachments, these machines are extremely versatile.  With up to 10% lower fuel consumption combined with KOMTRAX™and many improvements in operator comfort, visibility, safety and a automatic digging system, the WA380-8 wheel loader offers a truly unbeatable customer value.

Engine Power: 143 kW / 192 HP @ 2,100 rpm

Bucket Capacity: 3.2 – 6.5 m³

Operating Weight: 18,155 – 19,765 kg


  • E-Light mode is switched on by default for low fuel consumption priority. The engine matches power to the current working phase to achieve higher fuel efficiency.
  • By delivering high rimpull at low speeds, it makes child’s play of heavy jobs like penetration of dense material such as aggregate. This means higher productivity in V-Shape loading, even in confined spaces.
  • The Komatsu EU Stage V engine is productive, dependable and efficient, with ultra-low emissions.
  • The operator can engage the system from 2nd to 4th gear. It noticeably increases travel speed, particularly when going uphill, thanks to the larger tractive force.
  • Operations are easier and productivity improved, especially in combination with the new auto digging system.
  • The long lifting frame allows an enormous dumping height of 2.790 mm and a reach of 1.235 mm that is just as impressive.
  • The WA380-8 also features variable displacement pumps on both the hydraulic and steering systems. These pumps deliver the exact amount of oil required, dramatically improving
  • fuel efficiency.
  • Komatsu SpaceCab™, a standard air-suspended high-back seat, heated for improved comfort and with fully adjustable armrests.
  • High visibility and ergonomic controls further assist to maximise the operator’s productivity.
  • The system adapts to different types of material with no human intervention required.
  • To reduce fuel usage, Komatsu’s innovative thrust-sensing gas pedal automatically helps you match the timing of gear shifts to the load.
  • A standard fitment camera gives an exceptionally clear view of the rear work zone on the wide-screen colour monitor panel.
  • The WA380-8 can automatically shift down from F2 to F1 to make operations easier and more productive.
  • The Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) lever console is integrated with the seat and can be easily adjusted to suit any operator.
  • The EPC-multi-function lever with an integrated forward/reverse switch allows the simplest and most comfortable operation of the equipment.
  • Komatsu ICT contributes to the reduction of operating costs by assisting to comfortably and efficiently manage operations.
  • The monitor panel displays instant guidance messages to help promote energy saving, and the Eco-gauge indicates the actual fuel consumption: keep the Eco-gauge in the green zone for better fuel efficiency.
  • A large user-friendly colour monitor enables safe, accurate and smooth work.


Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a machine monitoring and tracking system exclusive to Komatsu. 24 hour access to reports to show your machine’s productivity, location and health where ever you may be.

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Monitor your investment closely at all times with Komtrax, a tracking program exclusive to Komatsu, which show your machine’s productivity, location and health.