Overview of the D65EXi/PXi-18 bulldozer

The D65EXi/PXi-18 is an EU Stage IV emissions certified dozer that brings the market-proven intelligent Machine Control features to a new class of machines and further extends the range of Komatsu intelligent Machine Control dozers available in Europe.

D65EXi/PXi-18 bulldozer komatsu

The D65EXi/PXi-18 dozer can perform finish grading in auto mode, which is already possible with conventional machine control, and its unique and fully automatic blade control can also handle rough dozing. The result is an outstanding improvement in productivity.

The D65EXi/PXi-18 has operating weights that range from 20.500 kg to 24.900 kg and its Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 engine puts out a net 162 kW (217 HP). A standard model (EX) with the Komatsu patented SIGMADOZER®, and a low ground pressure machine (PX) with a straight tilt or INPAT blade, offer options for flotation and weight distribution to customers to best match their applications.

New features

Integrated: Standard factory installed

On the D65EXi/PXi-18, the add-on components for the machine control system that were typically mounted on the blade are now replaced with a factory-installed cab top GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antenna, an enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+), and with stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders. For increased reliability, all components are quality-tested and installed at the Komatsu manufacturing facility during machine assembly, along with the intelligent Machine Control controllers and monitor. The integrated sensors package is robust and provides accurate data. It eliminates the daily hassles of setting up and removing GNSS antennas and cables from the blade, along with the associated wear. Komatsu quality and customer support extends to the machine control system itself.

Innovative: Fully automatic blade control for rough and fine dozing

While high-precision finish grading can be achieved by crawler dozers equipped with a conventional control system, the D65EXi/PXi-18 also performs rough dozing in automatic mode, thanks to its fully automatic blade load control. When rough dozing, the blade load is automatically monitored and blade elevation adjusted for high-efficiency dozing with minimal track slip. As work progresses, the automatic blade control further adjusts to provide finish grade performance with high-level precision. This Komatsu technological innovation represents a significant increase in efficiency compared to conventional add-on machine control systems.

Intelligent: Enhancements for optimized performance

Inside the cab, performance can be optimised with selectable dozing modes that tailor the system’s response to current machine operations. Similarly, pre-sets for blade load settings will match actual job site conditions. From pass to pass, the intelligent Machine Control system can be set with the automatic blade control engaged thanks to its ability to precisely automate the lowering of the blade at the start of a pass and raise it at the end. When the machine travels around the job site, the cab top GNSS antenna collects accurate surface data by measuring actual elevations. The stroke sensing angle cylinder measures the angle of the blade for high precision grading accuracy on cross-slope.

The D65EXi/PXi-18 is equipped with the latest KOMTRAX™ remote monitoring technology with data access via the web or via KOMTRAX™ Mobile on your smart phone. In addition to providing data such as fuel levels, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts, KOMTRAX™ has been further enhanced to monitor AdBlue® levels, KDPF regeneration and fuel theft. A new Operator Identification System reports key operating information for multiple operators. A new Auto Idle Shutdown function helps improve operating costs by reducing unnecessary idle time.

All Komatsu EU Stage IV machines come with Komatsu CARE®, a complimentary maintenance program for Komatsu customers. For the first three years or 2.000 hours it covers factory-scheduled maintenance, performed by Komatsu-trained technicians with Komatsu Genuine parts. Komatsu CARE® offers up to a maximum of 2 complimentary KDPF exchanges and a warranty for the first 5 years or 9.000 hours for the KDPF and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). “With Komatsu CARE®, customer peace of mind also comes as standard” says Jim Venerus, Deputy General Manager for Marketing. “This industry exclusive keeps your new EU Stage IV machine up and running, smoothly and efficiently, and gives truly unbeatable customer value

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