Genuine Hoses

Hoses and hose assemblies are vital to the hydraulic system and must be regularly inspected and monitored for signs of wear resulting in hydraulic hose failure which limit machine operation & performance quickly.  Komatsu genuine hose assemblies are specifically engineered and tested to work as a complete system lowering operating costs and helping to reduce downtime.

Hydraulic hose 2

Why Purchase a Genuine Komatsu Hose?

  • SAFETY BENEFITS. Superior quality hoses result in a lower safety risk while a non-genuine hose becomes a higher risk.
  • REDUCED DOWNTIME. OEM-engineered to the highest standards can limit the risk of unplanned down time.
  • SUPERIOR HARDNESS & DEPTH. Superior Hardness & Depth – The outer section of a genuine hose has anti-abrasion and flame-resistant qualities.
  • OEM QUALITY PRODUCT. OEM Quality Product – Komatsu Engineering Standard (KES) requires higher quality than that of commercially available hoses.

Genuine Hose Assemblies

Fluid and Environment Hose Temperature Rating – Genuine Hoses have the correct hose temperature rating to provide the necessary range performance to boost the overall lifetime of the hose.

Fluid-Hose Compatibility – Genuine Hose assemblies will have the correct inner tube material to provide the necessary fluid compatibility to help preserve the lifetime of the hose.

System Pressure – Selection and qualification of Genuine Hoses and Hose fittings are based upon system pressure specifications to avoid safety and quality issues such as bursting or loosened fittings.

ISO Standards – Genuine Hoses follows ISO/TS 17165-2 International standards and additional KES (Komatsu Engineering Standards) to ensure safe, reliable, and long-lasting products.

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Genuine Komatsu Hoses are designed with a variety of couplings:

Quick Coupler:

  • Used only for low pressure hoses
  • Fast Connection

Face Type Seal

  • Used for low to medium pressure hoses
  • Screw on connection

Flange Type

  • High pressure hoses
  • Bolt on flange type, often with a 90-degree angle

Installation Tips

Examples of damaged hoses

The visual checking of a machine’s hydraulic hoses should be customary when performing your pre-shift walkaround inspection

Genuine Komatsu Hoses and Hose Assemblies are available off-the-shelf for the majority of machines.

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