How to tell the difference between genuine & non-genuine Kmax

Kmax Komatsu teeth hammer
Kmax Komatsu teeth

As with all top-quality products, there is always the risk of fake versions infiltrating the market which convince buyers that they are buying the genuine article for a lower price. Here is our guide to check if you’re buying genuine or non-genuine Kmax:

Are the teeth loose?

Non-genuine Kmax teeth are often much looser compared to the genuine parts which fits tightly on the adaptor. Fake teeth are susceptible to horizontal, vertical and even twisting of the nose.

  • Inaccurate digging
  • Broken teeth
  • Damage to the adaptor
  • Increased risk of injury when examining & replacing

Do you need to use a hammer? 

Genuine Kmax pins are very difficult to copy, fake pins often come in two pieces (one made of rubber, the other of steel).  The fake pin will not easily fit into the tooth, a hammer is needed to pound the pin into position with some force.  A genuine pin will fit into a genuine Kmax tooth without force, or the need of a hammer.

A pin change should take seconds not minutes!


  • Damage to the tooth
  • Damage to the adaptor through grinding
  • Time taken to hammer pin into place dangerously
  • More money spent on pins, teeth and adaptors

Can the pin be re-used? 

The Pin is a one-piece assembly with a mechanical style lock.  As the Pin can slide into the tooth with ease, the pin can be re-used up to 4 or 5 times with new teeth.  A non-genuine pin with show signs of damage and is unlikely to be reusable with any degree of quality.


  • Additional equipment needed for change-out
  • Increased risk to personnel when changing
  • Increased downtime
  • More money spent on replacement pins

Finally… by purchasing your Kmax and other parts from Marubeni-Komatsu you can be certain that you are purchasing genuine Komatsu parts.

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