Gordon McLeod Plant Hire take on 6 new Komatsu excavators with Miller PowerLatch Tilt couplers

Redditch, UK, 2nd February 2016 – Gordon McLeod Plant Hire and Marubeni Komatsu have been loyal to each other for 19 years. It’s a relationship that stretches back to when Gordon McLeod Plant Hire took their first Komatsu PC210LC-6 from us, nearly 2 decades ago. Since then, the growth in their fleet has been exponential and they now have a huge number of Komatsu machines; ranging from an 8 tonne excavator to a 35 tonne tracked excavator. Not to mention the 22 tonne wheeled excavator they have in their ranks. They offer a premier service in operated plant hire and along with their excavators they have an array of HGV transport options in low loaders and 8 wheel fixed bed HIAB’s.

Gordon McLeod Plant Hire have just purchased three new Komatsu PC210LCs and three new Komatsu PC138s as part of an ongoing machine refresh. They do this every 5 years in an effort to grow the company and continue their working relationships with a mixture of national and private clients. They’ve always been about consistency and reliability so it was important for Marubeni Komatsu to meet the criteria for selection in a way that was befitting a forward thinking company such as Gordon McLeod Plant Hire. Here’s what they said:

“Our criteria was quite straight forward really; quality, reliability and the highest specification available. Marubeni Komatsu offered us the most advanced technology too.”


Gordon McLeod Plant Hire Komatsu excavator

We know how important it is to keep our Site Managers happy. So, not only does the criteria for selection have to be faultless, the features of the machine have to match up too. Both machines are built around the EU Stage IIIB compliant engine platform and Komatsu continues a long tradition of uncompromising quality and total customer support, while renewing a commitment to safety and environmental protection. All their new machines come with a customer support package that helps keep them running and costs of ownership down. It’s now standard on our EU Stage IIIB machines; you get your maintenance included and performed by Komatsu trained technicians with Komatsu genuine parts. Gordon McLeod Plant Hire had this to say:

“We preferred what Marubeni Komatsu had to offer over the competition because of the machines uptime, power, low fuel consumption, driver comfort and hydraulic controllability. There’s also MKL Customer Support which we were impressed with!”.

We look after our Operators too. Luckily, one of our favourite hitch suppliers Miller were on hand to attach their PowerLatch Tilt coupler; which builds on the proven Miller TwinLock design. Miller are able to give Operators peace of mind with their ABS mechanical backup system, which ensures safety in the unlikely event of loss of engagement forces. Operators will also get 180° tilt functionality, of which the benefits are plainly obvious; enhanced performance and improved productivity. When asked about the features that were most impressive to potential Operators, Gordon McLeod Plant Hire said this:

“The machines have great balance, power and controllability. There’s also an air of smoothness and quietness when the machine is working. The regenerating simplicity is also a highlight!”

Gordon McLeod Plant Hire Komatsu excavator

As far as relationships go, Marubeni Komatsu and Gordon McLeod Plant Hire’s couldn’t be stronger right now. We look forward to catching up with them soon.


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