Intelligent Machine Control – A new Komatsu technology for your success

At the Bauma 2013 International Fair, Komatsu Europe International presented its revolutionary intelligent Machine Control system, installed on the new D61EXi/PXi-23 Dozer and on a prototype of the PC210LCi-10 excavator. With the worldwide introduction of this system, Komatsu customers have new tools to further reduce their operational costs.

To provide customers with more money-saving tools, the D61EX/PX-23 dozer was recently fitted with a factory standard Plug and Play provision, making it very easy to install Topcon 2D and 3D blade control systems. Komatsu’s new intelligent Machine Control system goes one step further and is factory integrated. It offers from rough to finish grading performance through the use of a highly durable and accurate off-blade sensor package, validated to Komatsu’s rigid quality and durability standards.

D61EXi/PXi-23: Not just factory integration, but added intelligence

intelligent machine control

The complete Komatsu intelligent Machine Control system includes an improved GNSS receiver and control box, and a GNSS antenna. The antenna was relocated from the blade to the top of the cab for improved protection and accurate as-built data collection, regardless of the actual position of the blade. With Sitelink3D, Topcon’s advanced communications management system, dozing progress is sent to the site manager in the distant office, and updated design data can be sent remotely to the dozer in the field quickly and efficiently, from the office, without the need to dispatch personnel. Typically, all dozing passes with the D61EXi/PXi-23 are made in auto blade control, from rough dozing to finish grading, in forward and reverse modes.

When activated, the blade lowers until it meets the target surface or until the blade load reaches a maximum. Before the blade overloads, it automatically rises to minimize track slip and maintain forward momentum. This maximizes productivity and minimizes track wear and damage to the target surface. At the end of the pass, the operator shifts into reverse and simply taps the blade control lever to raise the blade to a pre-set height. To further improve the machine’s intelligent performance and optimize system response for the current application, the operator has 4 extra dozing modes and 3 load settings to choose from. With Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control, the dozing process is automated from rough cut to finish grade, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity for every pass of the machine while still providing finish grade accuracy. Innovative, integrated, intelligent.

Welcome to the future with Komatsu’s revolutionary intelligent Machine Control.


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