Komatsu Europe announces HD605-10 rigid dump truck

Komatsu Europe proudly introduces the latest addition to its lineup, the HD605-10 rigid dump truck. Drawing on over a century of Komatsu expertise in quarry and mining operations, this Large Class machine sets new benchmarks in safety, productivity, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Designed to maximize productivity while minimizing operational costs, the HD605-10 boasts enhanced engine power and torque, along with cutting-edge fuel-saving technologies. With a focus on meeting customer demands in quarry applications, the machine offers unparalleled safety and comfort for operators, ensuring optimal performance at the lowest cost per tonne.

Juuso Ahola, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe, emphasized: “Our development teams have prioritized customer needs to deliver a machine that not only builds on the reliability of its predecessor but also introduces significant performance enhancements. These enhancements include increased power, weight reductions, expanded load capacity up to 64 tonnes with 43 m3 body, improved durability, enhanced visibility systems, and reduced fuel

Economic and environmental considerations are at the forefront of the HD605-10’s design. Equipped with a powerful 610 kW Stage V engine, the machine delivers exceptional productivity while offering three selectable modes—Economy, Economy Light, and Power— to match various applications. Additionally, advanced fuel-saving measures, such as a new high-efficiency cooling system and lightweight body option, ensure optimal fuel efficiency,
reducing operating costs.

In terms of reliability, the HD605-10 is engineered for durability and uptime in the most demanding conditions. Strengthened transmission, torque converter, main frame, differentials, and final drive components ensure the machine’s resilience and longevity. Combined with the additional benefits of the Komatsu Care program, this provides users with complete peace of mind.

Safety features of the HD605-10 include a comprehensive LED lighting system for improved visibility, illuminated stair walkways for safe access to the operator cabin, and a brake performance check system to verify brake functionality before operation. Moreover, the machine includes an external seat belt reminder lamp outside the cabin and high-performance retarder brakes for enhanced safety during operation, even on steep downhill slopes.

Operator comfort was not overlooked by the developers, with hill start assist, cruise control and other new features, which make driving this truck a pleasure for any operator.

The launch of the HD605-10 underscores Komatsu’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in the quarry and mining sectors, offering customers a reliable and sustainable solution for their heavy-duty operations.