SEDDRe award for the K100 boom change system


We are proud to announce that the expert trade association of the French demolition industry recently awarded their prestigious Innovation Award (bronze level) to the Komatsu K100 boom change system.

Representing more than 250 corporations in the French demolition & recycling industry, the “Syndicat des Entreprises de Déconstruction, Dépollution et Recyclage“ (SEDDRe) present innovation awards at their annual conference.

Presenting the award to the K100 boom change system, SEDDRe recognised the improvements in safety and environmental benefits which could be achieved by using the new system.

The K100 boom change system allows an operator to change the boom configuration of our PC490HRD-11 high demolition excavator from the cab. The safety benefits of allowing the machine configuration to be changed by the operator without exiting the cab are clear, while the realistic use of one machine to carry out a variety of tasks on site offer great environmental benefit through reduction in fuel usage in transporting additional machines to site.

The Syndicat awarded the gold & silver awards to entrants from the recycling industry, meaning the K100 is considered the TOP innovation in the French Demolition industry for 2022.