Wordsworth Crushing receive the first four Komatsu WA475-10 wheel loaders in the UK

Wordsworth Crushing Wheel Loader

Wordsworth Crushing is a nationwide crushing contractor that provides customers with a complete solution of operators and machines to assist with the processing of raw materials. Having contracts with many big names like Cemex, Breedon, Tarmac and Aggregate Industries, the company work hard to invest in machines that will enable their customers to meet their productivity objectives whilst keeping their running costs down.

Prior to their purchase of the new wheel loaders, Wordsworth Crushing had been using Komatsu WA470-7s alongside similar models from various manufacturers. Having positive experiences with their Komatsu equipment and a good relationship with their Area Sales Manager, Rob Wilmott, meant that when it was time for them to renew their fleet earlier this year they came back to Marubeni-Komatsu. When they did the WA475-10 wheel loader had just been released and was available for demonstration.

One of the key benefits of the new WA475-10 is that it has improved fuel efficiency – a big factor Wordsworth Crushing consider before purchasing any new machine. With this in mind, they decided to trial the new wheel loader for one week to see the fuel saving capabilities for themselves.

The demonstration was successful and resulted in the company receiving the UK’s first two Komatsu WA475-10 wheel loaders in June. Both machines have already been put to good use, with one currently working at the Steelworks in Port Talbot and the other working at Cefn Mawr Quarry where it is processing limestone. The other two wheel loaders were delivered in July and have also been sent to various sites around the UK.

So far operator feedback has been positive and consistent, “I prefer the new WA475-10, it’s a smoother ride compared to other machines. You can feel a lot more through the Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission and it gives out a lot more digging power. It does take some getting used to the new driving style, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a very nice bit of kit.” Says Leon, wheel loader operator at Port Talbot. The driving style is different to earlier models as the innovative new transmission dramatically reduces brake wear by using the transmission to slow travel when the operator backs off the travel pedal or reduces maximum speed on the travel control dial during downhill operation.

Ritchie Shawcross, working at Cefn Mawr quarry says, “The machine is great, I particularly like the new cab which has improved visibility all around the machine.” The WA475-10 cabin has been completely redesigned for this purpose. It features additional glass at the bottom of the cab and doors to enhance visibility during operation and there are no corner cab pillars to greatly reduce rear blind spots.

Greg Wordsworth, Operations Director frequently uses KOMTRAX – Komatsu’s machine monitoring system – to keep track of the machines health, idling times and service records whilst they are working on the various sites located around the country. He also uses KOMTRAX to monitor the machines fuel usage and has identified that on some days the WA475-10 is 27% more fuel efficient than the previous model.

As standard, the new WA475-10 wheel loader comes with a 5 year / 10,000 hour warranty on the transmission. In addition to this, Wordsworth Crushing have taken out a 3 year / 6,000 hour full warranty and service contract to keep the machine working at optimal performance and for added peace of mind.

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