Overview of the HB215LC-2 Hybrid Excavator

June 26, 2014
Please note that this article is not about the latest model of this machine. Please view our current range of hybrid excavators here. The HB215LC-2 Hybrid Excavator is a “third generation” hybrid model, with an increased operating weight of 22.5 tonnes and a bucket capacity of 1.68 m³. Now with an EU stage 3b compliant engine, … Continued
HB215LC-2 Hybrid

Overview of the WA70-7 compact wheel loader

June 11, 2014
Marubeni-Komatsu introduces the WA70-7 Compact Wheel Loader with a 36,9 kW longitudinally installed engine, an operating weight of 5 tonnes, and a bucket volume of 0,75m³ - 1.25m³, the machine’s design focuses on providing a better driving performance and on meeting customers’ needs. It reduces operational costs, complies with the latest emission requirements and improves … Continued
WA70-7 Compact