Hybrid Excavators

Our Hybrid Excavators which contain our hybrid technology gives a machine more than one means of propulsion. In the car market, this means combining a normal petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. Komatsu Hybrid machines work in a very similar way. On average use, you’ll reduce fuel consumption by 30% (compared to a standard PC350-8 Excavator) and reduce your CO² emissions, making it a greener machine. If the machine is used in an application where lots of slewing is undertaken, then savings could be in excess of these figures…

Engine Power kW/HP
202 kW / 271 HP
Operating Weight Kilos
36,400 - 37,350 kg
Max Digging Depth m
8.1 m
Bucket Capacity m³
Max. 2,66 m³
HB365 hybrid excavator Komatsu