Lumsden & Carroll take on intelligent Machine Control

Lumsden & Carroll see how much safer and accurate the PC210LCi-10 performs a complex job.

If you’ve ever needed tangible evidence of the proficiency of intelligent Machine Control on the job site, look no further than our Lumsden & Carroll case study. Lumsden & Carroll show how much safer and more accurate their PC210LCi-10 performed, when doing a complex job for them. By using intelligent Machine Control instead of your regular 20 tonne machine, you’ll be saving more time and resource than you think…

“The main Health & Safety benefit is not requiring any persons within close proximity of the excavator whilst cutting the slope…”

Using our innovative intelligent Machine Control technology, our case study below shows you how to complete a complex job safer, more accurately and much faster than with your standard 20 tonne machine.

Case study

Lumsden & Carroll


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