Overview of the new PW118MR-11 midi excavator

Exceptional performance in tight spaces.

PW118 Wheeled excavator marubeni komatsu rubber duck

We are proud to announce the new PW118MR‐11 midi excavator, a quick and precise “tight tail” midi excavator with a powerful EU Stage IV engine, 6% less fuel consumption and an unrivalled compactness and lifting performance.

Sturdy and stable, the Komatsu PW118MR-11 midi excavator features a class‐leading compact size. A special combination of power, complete control and convenient dimensions make it an ideal choice for heavy duty lifting applications or simple excavating tasks in narrow alleys, on road‐construction sites and for sewer‐construction work.

“This perfect match between size and performance was a focus for Komatsu designers” says Alex Visentin, Product Manager for Compact Wheeled Excavators. “It makes the machine exceptionally versatile, with the lowest fuel consumption level in its class.” He concludes: “On the European market today, no other manufacturer can guarantee such a unique combination”.

The latest KOMTRAX telematics offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse, and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

With operating weights ranging from 12.800 kg to 13.900 kg, the PW118MR‐11 is powered by a Komatsu SAA4D95LE‐7 engine, EU Stage IV compliant, with a net horsepower of 72,5 kW (97,2 HP) @  2.050 rpm. An advanced electronic control system manages the airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters and aftertreatment functions: the Komatsu EU Stage IV engine optimises performance, reduces emissions and provides advanced diagnostic capability. Customers benefit from lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance. An integrated SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system further reduces NOx emissions using the AdBlue® additive.

Versatility and Efficiency

A heavy counterweight is now integrated in the PW118MR‐11 as standard, with no extension of tail protrusion. Stability is increased by 13%, lifting capacity is optimised and higher than for the previous model ‐ and operations are safer.

The PW118MR‐11 operational concept puts full control of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. For outstanding

PW118 Wheeled excavator marubeni komatsu rubber duck

versatility and manoeuvrability, new dashboard switches allow to quickly change between 2 Wheels Steering, 4 Wheels Steering, and Crab modes, and to activate/deactivate the auto axle lock. The operator can also easily select up to six working modes to match machine performance to the application. The new “Attachment Economy” mode can be used even with powered attachments and it further contributes to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The all‐new cruise control function helps to eliminate operator fatigue when travelling mid‐to‐long distances for more comfort and safety. Any operator can easily find a perfect driving position and settings. Reduced power loss in the travel system and a revised hydraulic layout improve speed and acceleration, both on flat ground and on slopes.

Safety and Operator Comfort

A comfortable work environment further helps to maximise productivity. Specifically designed for hydraulic excavators, the ROPS‐certified cab provides safe and quick access/egress, and gains strength from a reinforced box structure framework. It is mounted on rubber isolation dampers for low vibration levels. The radio, with pre‐sets and an auxiliary USB input for connecting external devices, also has a Bluetooth connection. Two 12‐volt power ports are conveniently provided.

The new viscous fan clutch system reduces both power loss and engine load when maximum cooling is not required. It lowers fuel consumption and contributes to less in‐cab noise. A new auto‐idle shutdown helps the machine to further decrease fuel consumption. Proportional control joysticks are standard and allow precise operation of attachments with comfort and ease. The addition of the new Neutral Detection System reduces the risk of inadvertent operation.

A high‐resolution 7” TFT‐LCD widescreen colour monitor features enhanced capabilities and displays information in 25 languages for global support. It provides information on AdBlue® fluid level, Eco guidance, operational records, fuel consumption history and utilisation information.

Safety is further enhanced through Komatsu’s standard “KOMVISION” system, and its display on the monitor of a real‐time bird’s eye view of the PW118MR‐11’s immediate surroundings. This helps to avoid jobsite incidents and accidental movement at start up.

New features and benefits

Up to 6% reduction in fuel consumption vs. PW118MR‐8.
EU Stage IV emissions compliant – Can work in low emissions zones.
New viscous fan clutch – Less noise and higher radiator cooling efficiency.
6 working modes (+1 vs. PW118MR‐8). Economy mode possible even with powered attachments.
Auto idle shut down – Reduces fuel consumption, increases residual value, reduces service costs.
LED lighting package as option for safe operations
● Control lever Neutral Detection System for industry leading safety – Peace of Mind
Increased productivity vs. PW118MR‐8 up to 6%
Increased maximum travel performances ‐ Up to 12% on the flat and 25% on 3° slopes
● Upgraded high‐resolution 7” TFT‐LCD widescreen monitor panel with 25 built‐in languages.
Height adjustable steering column. – Ease of operation
New FBR (Front‐Both‐Rear) switch on the right lever for undercarriage – For a faster blade/stabilizers selection.
New FNR (Forward‐Neutral‐Reverse) switch – Easier change of direction.
New automatic axle lock – Operator can start working with less wasted time.
KOMVISION (Standard) ‐ Bird’s eye view of surroundings on the large machine monitor screen
KOMTRAX – For your peace of mind: costs down, profits up.

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