Rubber tracks and undercarriage guide

Komatsu Yellow Bulldozer Undercarriage
rubber tracks

Roadliner pads

Roadliner pads are standard with a great many utility excavators, and some tracked dumpers.  This option requires no steel shoe and bolts directly onto the core chain with 4 centrally placed bolts.  Made from a premium rubber compound, Komatsu roadliner pads are extremely durable and resistant to catastrophic failure.


  • No steel shoe required
  • Easily replace damaged pads
  • Low noise level
  • Reduced vibration level
  • Minimal damage to work area
  • More stability on slippery surfaces


Marubeni-Komatsu is currently offering sizeable discounts on roadliner pads on the following machines: PC26MR-3, PC30MR-5, PC35MR-5, PC45MR-5. PC55MR-5, PC80MR-5

Rubber tracks

Like a protective rubber band around a machine’s chain, Marubeni-Komatsu‘s rubber tracks offer complete protection while providing a safe, easy and reliable option for utility excavators, skid steers and carriers of all makes and models under 12-tonne.  Reinforced with a strong inner core for increased strength.


  • Reduced de-tracking for less machine downtime
  • Minimized vibration level
  • Less mud-packing for better improved traction
  • Resistance to carcass punctures and cable corrosion
  • Available in standard and heavy-duty options

Roadliner Pads vs Rubber Tracks – what do I choose?

Is your machine under 5 tonne?

Then rubber tracks is probably the best option.

Is your machine over 5 tonne?

Roadliner pads should be seriously considered.

Is the short term cost an issue?

Pads are costlier upfront but will last significantly longer than tracks so pads will offer the longer-term saving.

What kind of work is the machine doing?

If its tough terrain such as demolition or groundwork, then having machines on rubber pads allows you to remove the pads for these applications and switch back when that job is finished.

How long do you intend to keep the machine?

If you expect to change your machine within 2 years, then rubber tracks offer the best value.  If you intend to keep the machine longer than 2 years then roadliner pads may provide a better value-for-money option.

Standard undercarriage

Engineered for maximum productivity, our components deliver reliability and performance for the demanding conditions and challenges of construction, quarrying and other industries thanks to the features unique to Marubeni-Komatsu Undercarriage.  Our components can provide important cost savings to your machine operation.

Components available:

  • Track Link Assemblies – consisting of links, pins, bushings and unique ‘w’ seals.
  • Track Shoes
  • Track & Carrier Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Sprockets

Undercarriage PLUS (parallel link undercarriage system)

Exclusive to Komatsu Dozers, this Undercarriage option can offer up to twice the life versus standard Undercarriage.  It is a unique Komatsu design that features a rotating bushing to minimise wear between segment and bushing.  Suitable for small and medium sized Dozers.

Other features:

  • Bushing rotates around the pin
  • Unique Komatsu seals
  • Recessed sprocket segments
  • Higher flanges on track rollers
  • Innovative crocodile links to assist splitting the tracks for removal

Click here for more information on undercarriage plus

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