Tips to reduce your Komatsu machine’s fuel consumption

With the cost of fuel at an all-time high, it’s becoming even more necessary to find small ways to lower consumption and avoid excessive fuel expense that eat into profits.

Here are a few tips to reduce fuel consumption:

Daily inspections as routine

This is an obvious one, but a pre-shift inspection can pinpoint issues before they become serious problems.  A thorough inspection can take as little as 20 minutes once you get in a routine.  Here is a link to an excavator inspection checklist

Machine inspection

Switch the machine to Eco-mode

Use the Energy Saving Report on Komtrax to review whether your machine is operating too much in P-mode (Power mode).  Switching the machine to Eco-mode when working with light and very light loads can cut fuel consumption by 5-8%.  Check Komtrax for your machine’s latest energy saving report.

Excessive idling time

Some idling is necessary but excessive idling burns through copious amounts of fuel.  The average idle time on an excavator is 30% (20% in quarry conditions) – use the Energy Saving Report on Komtrax to monitor idling percentages and how many times the machine has warned the driver of long idling times.

idle report

Ensure air filters are changed at advised service interval hours

Regular maintenance is important for many reasons, but a clogged or dirty air filter will have an adverse effect on fuel consumption and engine performance.  Refer to your machine’s operations manual for advised filter change intervals.

Check tyre pressures

Like cars, under-inflated tyres on wheeled excavators etc will lead to excessive fuel burn.  Spend a few minutes that tyres are appropriately inflated for the job.

Match the machine to the job

Using an appropriately sized machine for the project will not only improve daily productivity but will also save on fuel consumption.

Do you have access to Komtrax?  Marubeni Komatsu’s in-built telematics system is fitted to most Komatsu machines – if you need access, please contact us on 01527 512512 or Contact Us