intelligent Machine Control

Choosing a machine with intelligent Machine Control provides a formula for unmatched productivity improvement, better precision and unrivalled safety benefits. The machine receives a GNSS signal from multiple satellites via localization. It’s then converted to a known coordinate and compared against a supplied 3D model of the project. This allows the machine to determine the cut/fill value and through the hydraulic control it can guide the blade/bucket to the required level. The benefits of intelligent Machine Control are unrivalled. Some benefits include: reducing operating costs, getting better material yields, improving your fuel efficiency and even improving operator performance.

Engine Power kW/HP
123 kW / 165 HP
Operating Weight Kilos
22,120 - 23,580 kg
Max Digging Depth m
6.6 m
Bucket Capacity m³
1.68 m³
Demonstration Komatsu intelligent machine control technology PC210LCi-11