ScotPlant 2024

We are pleased to announce we are exhibiting at this year’s ScotPlant Show – Scotland’s biggest construction equipment trade event. We will have a range of 9 machines on display – from a 1.4 ton mini excavator up to a 24 ton intelligent Dozer! Entry is free via registration.

Book your tickets and pop over to visit – find us at 7th Avenue, plot 2.

Free ticket registration here.

26 and 27 April, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh. EH28 8NB

ScotPlant 2024 Machine List:

PW198-11 Wheeled Excavator

The experts at Komatsu designed the PW198-11 with a drastically reduced tail swing to meet the demands of safe and productive work on all jobsites with limited space. Compact, powerful and versatile, it’s the perfect machine for urbanised areas or road construction.




Engine Power: 129 / 173 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 1.13 m³
Digging Depth: 5.68 m
Operating Weight: 17.3 – 19.8 t.

PC14R-3 HS Mini Excavator

Komatsu’s mini-excavators are remarkably versatile. Compact, light, and very powerful they work anywhere, particularly in tight spaces. Perfectly suited to both end-users and rental companies, these machines offer first class comfort and controllability to the experienced and the novice operator alike. With easy maintenance, and numerous configurations available total cost of ownership is reduced while resale value is increased.




Engine Power: 11.6 / 15.6 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 0.03 – 0.06 m³
Operating Weight: 1.4 – 1.8 t.

PC210LC-11 Super Long Front Excavator

Powerful and precise, the Komatsu PC210LC-11 is equipped to efficiently carry out any task your business requires. On all jobsites, big or small, for digging, trenching, landscaping or site preparation, the Komatsu hydraulic system always provides maximum productivity and control.

Coming in the Super Long Front specification – this machine has a digging reach of over 15m!




Engine Power: 123 / 165 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 0.66 m³
Digging Depth: 15.4 m
Operating Weight: 23.4 – 24.3 t.

PC26MR-5 Mini Excavator

The MR-5 range concentrates the quality and performance of the larger Komatsu construction range into a compact package, and with a unique design concept the Komatsu MR-5 excavators are sure to stand out on jobsites across Europe.




Engine Power: 15.8 / 21.2 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 0.035 – 0.085 m³
Operating Weight: 2.62 – 2.85 t.

HB365LC-3 Hybrid Excavator

The HB365LC-3 Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator features an EU Stage V engine and ultra-low noise levels, and it further reinforces Komatsu’s strong commitment towards a substantial reduction of the environmental impact of earthmoving machines.




Engine Power: 202 / 271 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 2.66 m³
Digging Depth: 8.18 m
Operating Weight: 36.4 – 37.4 t.


PC55MR-5 Midi Excavator

The PC55MR-5 is a hydraulic excavator with tight tail swing radius and swing booms that hug the machine to help with work in tight spaces. The new minis use up to five percent less fuel than their MR-3 predecessors, with no loss of performance or productivity.




Engine Power: 29.1 / 39 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 0.16 – 0.18 m³
Digging Depth: 4.13 m
Operating Weight: 5.26 t.

WA475-10 Wheel Loader

Featuring the Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT), this next generation 24 tonnes class wheel loader is a versatile performer with an EU Stage V engine. Built on the recognized benefits of its predecessor, the Komatsu WA475-10 is up to 30% more fuel-efficient and is perfect for any moving, transport or loading job with an outstanding combination of fuel efficiency, productivity and ease of operation.



Engine Power: 217 / 291 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 4.2 – 4.9 m³
Tipping Load: 18.8 t.
Operating Weight: 25.11 – 26.85 t.

PC80MR-5 Midi Excavator

The PC80MR-5 is designed for improved versatility, manoeuvrability, comfort – and for low operating costs. It has an integrated counterweight and tight tail swing radius with a swing boom that hugs the machine making it ideal for work in confined areas and urban environments.




Engine Power: 46.2 / 62 kW / HP
Bucket Capacity: 0.12 – 0.27 m³
Digging Depth: 4.33 m
Operating Weight: 8 t.

D71PXi-24 intelligent Dozer

The D71PXi-24 dozer is an all-round performer and a standout choice for any grading or earthmoving application. It has a unique view on the blade thanks to the steeply sloped engine hood and hydrostatic transmission control systems. It comes with comes with a fully factory installed intelligent Machine Control 2.0 system.




Engine Power: 179 / 240 kW / HP
Blade Capacity: 4.42 – 5.02 m³
Blade Size: 4.01m x 1.265m (INPAT)
Operating Weight: 22.7 – 24 t.