Would you like a qualified Komatsu representative to carry out a thorough inspection of your machine?

A thorough machine inspection can:

  • Help restore a machine to maximum performance and prolong its lifetime
  • Identify basic repairs which could add significant value to machines that are due to be sold on
  • Resolve health & safety risks by identifying & repairing missing components

Our Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSRs) are available nationwide to attend site and conduct machine inspections at no cost* From these inspections, our PSSRs can produce a detailed, itemised report specifying what repairs & maintenance issues are required to bring the machines up to optimum performance.

(*You must own/operate at least 5 Komatsu machines)

The report covers many areas including:

  • Recent machine maintenance history
  • Current machine condition
  • Current machine performance levels
  • Specific electrical faults including reference photographs
  • Itemised missing components including photographs
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine speeds
  • Oil sampling

The report will indicate which issues need to be prioritised & addressed first, and whether health & safety may be impacted by the machine’s condition and operation.

Once the inspection is completed, and the final report delivered – a quote can be requested for the replacement genuine parts to repair or replace the issues identified.  Often costs can be reduced by opting for Komatsu remanufactured components.  Using Komatsu Genuine parts will avoid the risk of non-genuine components failing sooner rather than later.

To arrange a Machine Inspection for your fleet, contact your local PSSR here:

Or enquire here:


If you currently have five or more Komatsu machines in your fleet, then you can arrange for Marubeni-Komatsu to attend on-site to carry out machine inspections. From these inspections our representatives will produce a detailed report itemising what repairs and maintenance are required to bring the machines back up to optimum performance.

The report covers a number of areas including:

  • Recent machine maintenance history
  • Machine condition
  • Machine performance
  • Any machine or electrical faults found, with reference photographs
  • Fuel consumption (when data is available)
  • Engine speeds
  • Oil samples

The report will also prioritise which items are most important and need to be addressed first, as well as health and safety issues arising from the machine condition and operation.

Although there is no obligation for you to act upon the report findings, we would hope that we could work with you to resolve the issues found. Costs can also sometimes be reduced by using Komatsu remanufactured components. Remember repair before failure is always the most cost effective method of keeping your machine reliable and productive.

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