KOMATSU LUBRICANTS AND FILTERS: for superior protection and performance

KOMATSU LUBRICANTS AND FILTERS: for superior protection and performance


Modern equipment requires superior filtration to maximize performance and reliability. Komatsu provides a full range of filtration solutions for both Komatsu and non-Komatsu equipment which are designed to screen out particles and provide vital protection for expensive, high-precision components in your equipment.

Air Filters

Clean air is essential to sustained high performance and engine reliability. An air filter is the first line of defence for any machine. An inefficient air filter will allow dust into the combustion chambers, reducing performance and causing serious and expensive wear to cylinders and piston rings.

Fuel Filters

Komatsu machines are the most fuel efficient in the world. To deliver this performance, the clearances in the supply pumps and injectors are measured in microns. These pumps and injectors operate at extremely high pressures. Because of these extremely tight tolerances, the invasion of water and dust into the fuel system must be controlled more strictly. Komatsu fuel filters provide that control and are designed specifically for Komatsu engines.

Engine Oil Filters

Engine oil filters are used to remove dirt and moisture from engine oil. Excessive dirt and water can contribute to abnormal wear of engine components. The correct filter will remove contaminants from the oil to reduce wear, maintain engine performance, and maximize engine life. Komatsu oil filters are designed to meet each engine’s specific needs.

Hydraulic/Transmission Filters

Hydraulic filters are used in the torque converter, transmission, steering and hydraulic systems of most machines. These systems have both high pressure and high-temperatures. Hydraulic filters act to remove small particles caused by wear in sliding components and plate lining. The wrong filter with a weak centre core can cause a filter to collapse and spread contamination throughout the system. Komatsu filters are designed to handle temperature and pressure variations within the hydraulic systems.



Komatsu genuine lubricants are designed to ensure you get the best performance from your machine. Our full range of premium quality lubricants help to reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability and productivity and ultimately extend equipment life. Many Komatsu Genuine lubricants can also be used in your other non-Komatsu equipment and gain many of the same benefits. Read our guidelines for handling and storing Komatsu oils.

Diesel Engine Oil

Low ash option also available. 

This high-ash multi-grade oil provides the highest levels of performance in Komatsu equipment and other Japanese built engines. Can also be used in mixed diesel fleet operations.

Powertrain Oil

Designed for automatic, power-shift and manual transmissions. Also suitable for use in hydraulic systems, final drive cases and swing machinery where SAE 10 or 30 grade oil is specified.

Hydraulic Oil

Ideal for all types of hydraulic pumps working under medium to severe conditions.

Axle Oil

A special high performance oil specifically designed and developed for axle units with an integrated break or differential units. With excellent heat resistance, the oil maintains the friction characteristics over an extended period and maximises the break performance.

Lithium EP Grease

High performance in a variety of applications including heavy equipment high speed ball & roller bearings, wet or damp conditions, disc brake wheel bearings, particularly operating in extreme temperatures.


Komatsu coolant/antifreeze is specifically formulated to meet the high expectations and superior quality standards of Komatsu machines.  The coolant/antifreeze provides long life protection from corrosion, cavitation and other possible problems.


Adblue® is a liquid that consists of 32.5% of urea and 67.5% of distilled water. Despite the name, the liquid is colourless.

Komatsu EU stage IV engines use Adblue® in combination with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which reduces emissions. The SCR NOx reduction system injects the correct amount of Adblue® at a precise rate, thereby decomposing NOx into non-toxic water and nitrogen gas.

Please note: We do not sell Adblue®

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